As I write this post I am hearing many rumours about the speed and performance of the new baseline 13″ M2 MacBook Pro model.

According to some sources they claim the next generation M2 model is running slower on read/write speeds, along with basic everyday tasks like video and photo editing.

If you are a social or everyday user that just browses the web, checks emails, and creates the basic of content that doesn’t involve anything heavy, you might just get away in investing in the lower end of the M2 range. With only 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD storage you can expect some loss in performance, but if you can afford a few more pounds or dollars then stepping up to 16GB RAM and 512GB will benefit the more creative user.

As a user of the 13″ M1 MacBook Pro myself for my work, I can hardheartedly confirm the speed and performance definitely outshine any previous model I own and use. Still to this day I get much use from my 13″ retina (Early 2015) model which includes an Intel i5 CPU and was the lower end in the then new retina range. Packed with a 256GB SSD and only 8GB RAM, I can still just about run the latest MacOS (Monterey), this model has served me well over time. But is now the right time to upgrade and, if so, trade in for the newer M2 model?

My feelings towards upgrading are strong, but what is driving my thinking is that I will need to invest in a newer model with hardware that will last another 10 years or more.

Should I wait a while longer for an newer iMac, or consider a Mac Mini?

I have to admit, the new M2 Mac Mini is inviting!

Mac Mini M2

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