Having experienced using Mageia 7 last year I was not overly impressed by its offering, but the latest version 8 update is labelled as one of the hottest Linux distro’s of 2021. With this on my mind, I thought I’d load up the cover disc from the May 2021 issue of Linux Format and give this a try for a month.

Offered in this release is:

  • Plasma 5.20
  • Kernel 5.10.16
  • Enhanced GPU support
  • Fully stacked app store
  • X11 and NVidia support

Mageia is an RPM-based distro and comes with the RPMdraske graphical package manager, and you can install Dnfdragora or use Dnf in a terminal as a replacement for Fedora’s Yum.

Can this distro withstand the challenge of being used as a daily driver and stand up in a production environment?

The task is on myself to find out, but any thoughts, hints and tips would be greatly received.

Mageia 8 is featured in the May 2021 edition of Linux Format.